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Jon Hyers is a mastermind of spooky projected reality. For years he has created works of cryptic art to send shivers down your guest’s spine or brighten their eyes with pure Halloween spirit. Hyers develops a variety of different projections, from ghosts to zombies to creepy crawly spiders. His specialty is creating works that look three dimensional for use with a holiday projector without the need for 3D  glasses.

Although many of his clientele buy his projections for home use around Halloween, he has created several custom projections for haunted houses, hayrides, special events, and museums such as the Horror Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

He doesn’t just dazzle with images, he also teaches. His instructional videos are essential for first-timers learning the best methods of setting up and using projected reality.

This year, Hyers came out with seven new projections, including Halloween projector videos the Giant Spiders and Haunted Portraits.

Giant Spiders

halloween window decorationsDid you know that 80% of the world has a fear of spiders? We just made that statistic up, but you’d believe it because there are just so many people who shiver at the thought of hairy, eight-legged freaks crawling about!

Hyers used that fear to his advantage when he recently created this Giant Spider projection set featuring a variety of spider images – some crawling, some skittering about. This projection is perfect when you want to create a spider scene in a haunted house with webbing and spider decorations hanging down from the ceiling or trees.

With this projection, there’s no doubt you’ll send shivers down people’s spines, and get hearts pounding.

Haunted Portraits

Have you ever thought you saw something move out of the corner of your eye when looking at a picture or a mirror, turned around in fear and saw nothing? Here’s a projection to play with that fright.

Haunted Portraits is a little more subtle than some of Hyers’s other projections, but no less creepy. It portrays two old ghostly images of a man and a woman gazing and looking around hauntingly from a portrait. While you can project this image on a blank wall, you also can project it on an already existing picture for a more realistic effect.

Whether you need this projection for a haunted house or your next Harry Potter party, you’ll make an impact on your guests.


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