WindowFX Holiday Window Projector Reviews

The all-new WindowFX holiday window projector by Total Home FX is the latest and greatest way to decorate for Halloween this year – and promises to get even more exciting in years to come!

The reviews are in… here are just a few excerpts from testimonial on the Halloween forums we’ve been following:

“I love it! Love it! I got the whole thing set up BY MY SELF and that is saying something… The projection is great and easy to run.”

“I did a trial of the dancing skeleton- bone chillers on our glass door and it’s spooky and surely will excite the treat or trickers the moment they step on our doorstep.” 

“…if you’re looking to up your game this year then the WindowFX Projector is the perfect way to do so.”

WindowFX Videos For All Ages

WindowFX projections don’t just move – we’ve added sound effects for an all-encompassing holiday experience. Together they created a handful of complete holiday animations for indoor projection.

There are a wide range of Halloween video projections available for purchase, including the fun and fabulous HalloWindow projections.

Ranging from a spooky Jack-o-lantern whose flames ignite in your window to hanging spiders that you can really hear creeping down your walls.

For younger kids on the block, we recommend HalloWindow videos like “Skull Bounce,” which captures the sillier side of Halloween; once darkness rolls around and the older trick-or-treaters come prowling by, switch out your milder video for something truly terrifying; Gervais’ “Ghosts” features ethereal floating shapes that will send shivers down even the bravest of spines.

HalloWindow offers something for everyone. Illustrator/animator Mark Gervais says he plans to continue developing his holiday projections for the foreseeable future. We certainly look forward to seeing what the future has in store from HalloWindow!






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