Christmas “hacks”

Using extra garlands to fluff up sparse Christmas trees, holding rolls of wrapping paper with a garment bag, making appetizers in advance… The biggest Christmas Hack this year, by far, is the Total Home FX holiday video projector, which removes the challenges of Christmas decorating and creates a lifelike video right in your room or window. Here’s how you can combine our favorite Christmas “hacks” with the WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit for the most festive holiday cheer.

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Christmas window decorationsTotal Home FX offers a wide range of holiday video projections that will transform your home into a winter wonderland. Project a video of snowfall in your windows; use Jon Hyers’ visual effect “Christmas globes”, which features snow globes gently circulating through the air. On your front steps, recycle pumpkins from Halloween by spray-painting them white and stacking them like snowmen. Pieces of burlap can be used to spruce up any outdoor trees or bushes for a rustic, festive scene.

Indoor Christmas Decorations

For a Christmas party or just for everyday jolly décor, turn to Jon Hyers’ visual effects such as “Elf and Toys” or the christmas projector videos“Santa” videos to complete your holiday scene. In one video, Elves work tirelessly to make toys by Christmas Eve, and in another, Santa studies his Naughty List and munches on cookies. Complete the room by filling extra wastebaskets with wrapping paper rolls, hanging ornaments from Command hooks, and using candy canes as place cards or food label holders.

Whatever your holiday goals, Total Home FX makes it easy to create a Christmasy scene without the hassle!


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