Holiday Projector Party

This December, throw a Christmas party to blow away the rest, featuring Christmas displays from Total Home FX’s Digital Decorating Kit. Here are a few ideas for using your new holiday video projector to top off any Christmas party!

Where there’s cookies…

christmas projectorFood has always been an integral part of Christmas. Whether you keep the religion of the holiday or not, Christmas is a time for sharing food with family and friends. When you serve food at your party, display “Santa Cookies” on your wall or in your window to add the perfect touch of Christmas cheer. As your guests munch on your festive baked goods, Santa chows down on his Christmas cookies, echoing one of our favorite childhood traditions of leaving cookies or carrots for Santa and his reindeer.

In your front window…holiday projection videos

Project one of Jon Hyers’ “Santa” videos in your front window as guests arrive, waving and greeting each of them as they join you in Winter Wonderland. Both Santa and Mrs. Claus say hello in separate Jon Hyers’ videos. Or remind your younger guests to be “Nice” and display a video of Santa reading through his “Naughty List”. These exciting videos are perfect additions to any Christmas party to remind everyone that Santa and his presents are not far away.

christmas window decorationsIn the main party room…

Although any and all of Total Home FX’s Christmas projections are perfect for a holiday party, my personal favorite to deck the halls of your main party room is “Christmas Globes,” in which snow globes filled with holiday icons like Santa and his elves waft gently through a backdrop of snowfall. Because of its sparkling, shimmering background, this video removes the need to spend time and energy hanging lights in your main room while maintaining the glittery effect. Guests will be amazed by the quality of your decorations as they mingle and exchange hugs and kisses under the mistletoe.


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