New Halloween Projections Right Around the Corner!

Fall is fast approaching which means so is Halloween. We know all of you are as excited as we are about our new Halloween projection videos, but everyone is going to have to wait a little bit longer for the big reveal! While we wait, we will continue to preview the videos that are going to make all your neighbors jealous!

It Take Two (Skeletons) To Tango

skeleton tango halloween projectionJoin these two skeletons as they dance the Tango around an eerie, long deserted ball room. Even though these two are long dead, they can still dance frighteningly well. There are two versions of this projection video, a slow and fast Tango. Can you keep up?



Pumpkin Poetry

jack-o-lantern projector videoWho knew Jack-O-Lanterns could be poetic? Lend an ear as this trio of Jack-O-Lanterns as they make Halloween even spookier than it already is. Watch and listen as they cackle and make ghostly sounds and tell of all the ghoulish frights to avoid on All Hallows Eve.



Halloween Window Decorating Getting Even Better

But you’d better get ready for the real excitement, friends! Next month we will FINALLY reveal the new WindowFX holiday projectors and accessories that are debuting this year! That’s right – TotalHomeFX is about to reveal some news that will help you create holiday memories to last a lifetime!

Get ready to put your neighbors’ Halloween decorations to shame. Our upcoming product launches promise to be the latest and greatest developments in seasonal decorating for decades!

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