New Virtual Patriotic Videos Released Just In Time For Summer

June and July provide Americans with the opportunity to indulge in several “happy” celebrations. No matter where people call home, there are a handful of summer holidays that bring people together.

It’s an exciting time to plan events for Father’s Day and the Fourth of July. Let’s not forget the other not as well-known holidays such as Flag Day and the ever -famous National Hot Dog Day! What better way to add “happy” to the holiday then by sharing the fun with friends, family and the neighborhood.

Red, White & Blue

At the request of our customers, Total HomeFX™ released a patriotic video series. Total HomeFX™ takes great care to listen to customer’s requests. There is no better way to bring out the red, white and blue then with our new virtual videos. The six new patriotic virtual decorations that convey pride in everything that America stands for through inspirational images and compelling music. Additionally, each video can be played on a variety of Total HomeFX™ projectors.

The new 2018 video decoration series includes the following:


Can you smell the hot dogs and barbeque wings yet? How about the familiar noises of parades or viewing colorful fireworks? As people celebrate in parks or in the backyard, virtual video decorations are a great way to gather and enjoy the beauty of summertime holidays. Bring that iconic imagery to your party with virtual video decorations featuring our new patriotic video series!



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