Big Game on the Big Screen!

Big Game on the Big Screen!

Get Up Close To Super Bowl 53 Without Buying A Ticket

Can’t make it to Atlanta for the big game? If you’re not one of the expected 150,000 out-of-town guests for the Super Bowl, consider watching this highly anticipated match-off between the Rams and the Patriots with the use of a home projector.

Whether you’re watching the big game on your own or hosting friends and family to enjoy the game, it’s more fun when it’s supersized!  You can’t get much larger than a whole wall that your projector can turn into a massive screen.

Easy Set Up In Minutes

Lots of projectors are just that and nothing more. That means you need to choose a home projector with certain specifications. Make sure to pick a projector that is HDMI accessible like the Total HomeFX 800 Series Projector. This enables a cable to stream it video content. Additionally, pay attention to whether or not the projector has quality audio with built in speakers. Here’s a tip: pick up a longer cable so you have more flexibility on where you set up your projector.

Once you have your home projector, here’s three steps to easy set up.

1. Find the right place to set up your projector.

Bigger images require more distance between the wall and the projector. You won’t be able to sit in the path of the beam, so consider the way you set up your chairs or rearrange furniture. Additionally, many projectors have the ability to adjust vertical and horizontal display modes.

2. Set up the screen.

You have options here. Choose a location where you can place to hang a nylon screen, which come in different sizes. Or, pick a light-colored wall and use it as your screen. It’s a great choice when you want a bigger than life display!

3. Plug everything in and enjoy!

Projected images are best enjoyed in the dark, where the pictures look their best. Just serve up the drinks and food. You’ll be the Superbowl MVP!

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