Outdoor Theater Kit – Weatherproof Projector, Inflatable Screen and More!

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The Total HomeFX Outdoor Theater Kit comes with everything you need to turn your yard into an outdoor theater experience!


Choose between:

  • OUTDOOR PROJECTOR: HDMI / Bluetooth / 1080p / WATERPROOF CASE / 1500 or 1800 Lumens
  • HUMONGOUS  Outdoor inflatable screen with motor (72″ @ 16:9 aspect ratio or 108″ @ 4:3)
  • POWERFUL Waterproof 40 Watt Bluetooth Speaker

Scroll down for more info on each component, mix and match to get what you want at the best price!


The Total HomeFX Outdoor Theater takes outdoor entertainment to a whole new level by allowing you to show videos, movies, games and more in your own backyard. The projector is weather-resistant and the inflatable screen is quick and easy to set up by just plugging in the included continuous air flow fan. Invite friends and family over for your very own backyard viewing party. Give new meaning to watching the big game at your place or project video games onto the big screen for the ultimate gaming experience!

*Video features 9ft screen at 4:3, 6ft screen is 16:9 aspect ratio

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Theater Bundle

1500 Projector / 108" Screen, 1500 Projector / 72" Screen, 1500 Projector / 72" Screen / 40W Speaker, 1500 Projector / 108" Screen / 40W Speaker, 1800 Projector / 108" Screen