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Nicole Losee on Total Home Decor

Aug 06, 2020

Very helpful, patient and polite. Great customer service, which I believe says a lot about the company as a whole!!

Lori brown on Total Home Decor

Aug 03, 2020

Very helpful!

Joy Steenport on Total Home Decor

Jul 28, 2020

very easy to order, I love your products! my item shipped quickly and will be here tomorrow, less than a week after I ordered.

Ian J. on Total Home Decor

Jul 24, 2020

You never know what type of customer service you may get calling any 800 number. My experience with the Total Home customer service was pleasant, fast and efficient. Will happily be a returning customer!

ken on Total Home Decor

Jul 13, 2020

Lightning fast customer support response.

Sharron-Sissy Kilburn on Total Home Decor

Jul 09, 2020

I have bought quite a few items second hand on eBay over the years. I'm a single mom of 4 and am trying to go to grad school.. so I'm on a strict budget.. ANYWAY, I've ALWAYS wanted one of these kits to use in my annual haunted house and was SUPER stoked to find one for $100 on eBay. The seller, however, wasn't very honest. They charged me the full price for a "new" model, and when I got it I realized it was not only NOT a brand new system, but it had a broken LED/LCD(?) screen on the inside of it. I was upset and thought all was lost... so I contacted the company on a whim because honestly, I didn't expect them to CARE because I didn't buy it directly from them. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN!! Not only did the company CARE, they were honest and forthright, telling me that I had been taken advantage of by the eBay seller because that is one of their older systems, not a new one, they also told me they go for about $50, not the $100 I was charged...Further, they immediately dispatched to me the "broken screens" that I mistakenly stated I needed. Once I got them and went to install, I realized it wasn't the part I needed. A bit stressed and embarrassed, I contacted the company again who apologized for their error (on something they didn't even HAVE to do) and was about to send a new LED screen out before realizing they had none. So guess what they did next? Sent me a message saying they would just send me a new kit for my troubles!! This is by far the greatest experience I have had with ANY Halloween/holiday company across every single purchase I have ever made. Oh..and Aaron, handles things SUPER fast, is kind, understanding and just a great, great customer service professional... and this company is.. just WOW.. They have made a loving, loyal friend in me throughout this whole fiasco.. I say friend because businesses don't operate this way..not most anyways... I didn't even expect them to CARE, as said above.. not only did they CARE, they went above and beyond and have helped make this year's haunted house the best ever! Thanks sooo much!! You guys are the BEST in digital decorations! (Or ANY for that matter!)❤️

Marie Jarrell on Total Home Decor

Jun 30, 2020

I am really pleased with the customer service I received. To be honest, I assumed I would have to return my purchase or jump through hoops to get the situation rectified. I initially called with two problems 1) I couldn't get my speakers to sync and 2) the poles for my screen were not setting up correctly. Aaron started a ticket immediately and asked me to take pictures of the problem and send them. He took the time to verbally go over how to sync the speakers on the phone AND wrote the instructions in an email. After I sent the pictures and it was determined that I had an older screen and parts were not available Aaron immediately took care of the problem. I barely sent my address to him and received an email that the new screen parts were on their way! That was yesterday and they are due to arrive today!!!! Hopefully all will be well, but I truly appreciate Aaron's exceptional customer service. I had told him I had to return it by July 3 but I didn't want to have to do that and he said "I don't want you to have to return it either." Thanks to him I am able to keep and enjoy the product.

Matt on Total Home Decor

Jun 29, 2020

The folks at Total Home Decor are amazing! Had a minor issue with one of their bundled products. Reported the issue via email on Sunday expecting a response sometime the following week. An hour later Aaron sent me a personal email apologizing for the error and let me know he would address the issue on Monday when he was back in the office. True to his word, Aaron got the replacement part packed up and shipped out on Monday afternoon. Amazing customer service that is all too rare this day and age. Thank you Total Home Decor and thank you Aaron!

Tellis Broussard on Total Home Decor

Jun 16, 2020

Awesome customer service!