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John Piccirillo on Total Home Decor

Sep 23, 2021

A very quick response from Aaron for my concerns. He gave me some troubleshooting advice and it worked to rectify the issue I was having with the SD card. The projector had been in storage for over a year and then moved in our move from NY to GA. Once I refreshed the SD card files using a laptop, everything is working again and we will have a great Halloween and Christmas display.

Linda on Total Home Decor

Sep 22, 2021

Aaron was amazing! He took the time to thoroughly assist me with my issue, corresponded quickly and delivered some of the best customer care I've experienced in a very long time. I am excited to have my device up and running again in time for the holidays.

Karla on Total Home Decor

Sep 20, 2021

I had a couple of questions regarding my projector and i got a pleasant solution to my problem in just a few hours.

David Glanville on Total Home Decor

Sep 16, 2021

Elizabeth Masker is one the the most unbelievable customer care agents I have ever dealt with. She and Total Home Decor went above and beyond to not only get me parts for an item of mine that had defective lights, but added another set for a snowman that I had separate light issues with. I offered pay whatever the cost and she and the company sent me free replacements. That really speaks volumes about the pride of the employees and the company and for that I and very grateful! Keep being great…it really means a lot! Dave Glanville

Keith Lehmann on Total Home Decor

Sep 14, 2021

Elizabeth was friendly and very helpful

Eric on Total Home Decor

Sep 13, 2021

Aaron was helpful in solving my issue and was professional, timely and courteous at every step.

Todd on Total Home Decor

Sep 13, 2021

Was very happy to speak to an actual person when I called. We went over my two questions and was happy to have them resolve my issues with sending another product with no hassle at all. Very friendly staff. I will be looking at their brands for future products. Thank you again to the staff.

Shawn Overholt on Total Home Decor

Sep 13, 2021

Great customer service. I was missing a part and she got it to me ASAP. She was fast and courteous with her replies. Thanks

Kathleen Shea on Total Home Decor

Sep 10, 2021

Great customer service experience! How gratifying to interact with a customer service rep who communicates clearly, understands that her role is to assist the consumer, and is ready, willing, and able to do so. This was a very pleasant experience, I would be happy to shop here again.