For the Midwesterners spring is something we all look forward to. More sunshine for one, warmer weather and the thoughts of being outdoors again.  Beaches, lakes, boating, picnics, farmer’s markets opening all those wonderful things that have been deprived to us over the last 5 months.

The sunshine and outdoors raise our emotional wellbeing to new heights after the gloom of winter. More natural Vitamin D from the sun is so good for one’s soul. We need to make the most of our good weather here in the Midwest, so outdoors we go.

For our friends in the southern half of the country I believe you all have the pleasure of nicer weather almost 365 days a year, so the outdoors is very common to you.  You wake up to sunshine or warm temps (which to us Midwestern and Northerners is anything above 40 degrees.) most days of the year.  Some of you live on the southern coast, so you really have some nice weather.

But no matter where you live we can agree that sunshine makes us happy. The outdoors does wonders for our souls. That’s why Productworks LLC has teamed up with a great company originally from Hawaii and now based on the west coast for a new outdoor line. Maui and Sons new beach and outdoor gear is bright and cheerful and works for all lifestyles. Our wonderful 5 position backpack chairs and our easy-going sling chairs are great for a day at the beach or lake or pool and more. We are also offering a wonderful EVA everything Go2Bag which is so versatile and easy, use for a beach trip, boating, picnic, a light trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market. We are carrying a Clip umbrella, the Shadella, which fits most chairs, golf pull carts, strollers and more. UPV 50+ is perfect for when a little shade is needed.  See it all in our shop below. GO SUNSHINE!!!

Shop now: https://totalhomedecor.com/product-category/maui-and-sons/


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