Seasonal Decorating

Find the perfect way to show off your Christmas Spirit!

Everything You Need

Holiday Projector and Videos. It’s all in the box.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use Works on any size/shape window.

New Content

Easily add new content for year-round decorating fun.


Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Turn your wedding dreams into a reality with our outdoor wedding decorations. Total Home Décor has an assortment of outdoor wedding decorations that will convey

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Outdoor Movie Theater Package

Searching for an outdoor movie theater package or kit? The outdoor movie theater package enhances your movie viewing experience. Screen size, quality, and setup time

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Home Outdoor Theater

Searching for home outdoor theater equipment? The best home outdoor theater equipment will lead to your DIY home theater being the best. The size, quality,

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Outdoor Movie Screen

An outdoor movie screen is a key item in your DIY home theater setup and determines the quality of your viewing experience. A high quality

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