Below you can search by Model # for specifications, instruction sheets, and more, as well as general questions we most commonly encounter. If you can’t find your answer here, feel free to start up a chat session, Contact Us, or reach out on Facebook!

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Specs & Instructions

There are two places you can look:

1. On the underside of your projector:

2. Underneath the barcode on the box:

General Questions

We recommend a USB smaller than 16gb in capacity – any larger and you could run into compatibility issues.

You can adjust the focus of the projection by rotating the lens barrel.

This is preview mode, and it appears when you press and leave it hovering over that video. Once all your desired videos are selected, press to go fullscreen with your entire playlist.

Through USB, you cannot: only video files are supported.

However, you CAN connect an HDMI capable device and show them that way. Just press and select HDMI

You can connect an HDMI capable device to mirror or extend the screen of your computer, phone, tablet etc .

Once your device is connected, just press and select HDMI

Most videos we offer have both versions to accommodate different window shapes.

If your window is taller than it is wide, you want:

If your window is wider than it is tall, you want:

To make your videos continuously play, press
Pressing once: screen will say NONE

Press 2x: it will say ONE (loop the current video)

Press 3x: it will say ALL (loop all videos that were selected)

After you press it it will loop until you turn off the projector manually, or set a timer for “Auto-off” function.

No, there is an “AUTO-OFF” function, but not ON.


USB: If your file is a video of one of the following formats: AVI / FLV / MOV / MP4 / MKV / RMVB, it will play off a USB just like our videos.

HDMI: You can also always connect a device using a HDMI cord and pressing to change sources to HDMI

Our bulbs have a life expectancy of 30,000 hours, and are not replaceable.

Be sure to press and select HDMI, it will not auto-switch

The projectors have a Bluetooth transmitter, which means they cannot use it to receive audio from your phone / other devices.

It is impossible to stream video over Bluetooth. From anywhere, to anything.

“Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that was developed to provide wireless audio and data transmission.”

Each press will rotate 90 degrees, so press 2x to flip

All projectors have a 3.5mm headphone jack out (standard headphone cord size) for connecting wired speakers

Check above to see if your model has bluetooth for connecting bluetooth capable speakers

If you turn on your projector and are not seeing preloaded videos on either the included USB or internal SD card (check your model above if you’re not sure which you should have), contact us with your model # and proof of purchase, and we will get you the files either via email or mailed USB.

Check your model above, if you have a 500 series or Mini vertical files are not included as they are designed to be Horizontal only. You can contact us to purchase the vertical files at a discount with proof of purchase of your projector
This is most likely due to damage to the fan, leading to overheating. If your projector is still eligible for replacement, take it to your place of purchase. If it’s not, Contact Us. We will do our best to make sure you have a working unit – we do have a small stock of refurbished units and will try to pair you with one.
This is probably because the default audio setting on your device is Dolby. Go into your device settings and change the audio setting to Stereo, or another non-Dolby option.


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