Simplify Christmas Decorations

If you’re anything like me, you dread the thought of putting up Christmas lights. First you have to find the right box from down in your crawlspace or up someplace in your garage. Then you have to drag it outside. But you still aren’t ready to start weaving them through your trees and bushes.

christmas window decorationsYou need to first untangle them and then test them to make sure they are still working. And odds are that 25% of them aren’t. So now you need to drive to the store and pick through the boxes making sure to get the right ones. You don’t want to be the idiot on the block with two strands of white twinkling lights in the middle of the multi-colored lights.

Christmas Projector

Its time to put a stop to that and take the easy way out. Use the WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit to make decorating simple and stress free. Pick out your best front window and hang the screen, plug-in the projector and select the scenes your want. Done! Doesn’t that sound better than untangling light strands?christmas projection videos

Digital Effects for Christmas

With the WindowFX holiday projector you have a multitude of scenes to choose from. There are winter landscapes, elves, Mrs. Claus and of course enough Santa to keep kids of all ages satisfied.


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