Turn Your Home Into Santa’s Workshop

You can literally bring the North Pole to your home this Christmas! Amaze and astound the kids—as well as the entire neighborhood—when you bring elves into your home.

We’re not talking about real elves, of course. With the WindowFX projector, you can make it look like elves are building toys right in your living room. Fool the whole town into thinking Santa lives with you with Jon Heyers “Elves” videos.

Christmas Projector Videos

windowdfx digital decorating kitThere’s no better way to mesmerize your children while making your neighbors double-take as they look with awe at elves going to work right inside your home. The Window FX Projector depicts 3D, real life elves carrying around tools, building toys, and waving to passerby. Your home will surely be the talk of the town with Jon Heyers “Elves” videos.

The Window FX Projector is the coolest holiday window display around. Easy to set up, operate, and take down, you’ll wish you’d discovered this amazing invention sooner. Once you have the device ready, you can download Jon Heyers “Elves” videos and bring the wonder of Santa’s workshop right into your living room.

The Toy to Brag About This Season

While the elves will be working away on toys for the boys and girls, the true toy of the season will be the Window FX Projector itself. In addition to the elf videos, there are a number of other scenes and effects to choose from. Try a different one every day or pick the perfect one to fit your Christmas theme. This holiday window display is a gift from Santa himself.


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