Celebrate the New Year with TotalHomeFX

New Year’s Eve: the time to look back and reflect on the past year, to toast to the good times, and to move forward with new resolutions that will better our lives for the coming years. Often, these resolutions include throwing away that which no longer serves us and adopting new behaviors and choices that can make our lives easier, healthier, and more enjoyable.

We’ve all resolved at one point or another to eat better, exercise more, or be nicer to our obnoxious coworkers – but this year, make another resolution that you can repeat for New Years Eves to come! When you ring in the New Year with the Window FX projector, you also create a new tradition of high quality décor and entertainment that will make your guests schedule your New Years party a year in advance.

New Year’s Window Decorations

Start your new New Year’s tradition with AtmosFX’s “Celebration” video projections. Display these videos on any wall or in any window, and let the good times roll! Realistic fireworks light up your TV or window, even before midnight; at the chime of the New Year, project “Party Time” and create a spectacle of tumbling confetti and multicolored balloons. Each video displays a customizable headline message and can be played on a repeated loop, providing hours of personalized fun.

A holiday projection is the perfect resolution to your holiday party anxiety! With the “Celebration” video, younger kids can go to bed at a reasonable hour, thrilled by your display of digital fireworks and satisfied that they brought in the New Year right. Adult parties can continue into the night and early morning, with fireworks and celebratory balloons falling in a loop throughout the party. Champagne toasts ensue: try Window FX, and create a New Year’s Eve tradition that will last forever!


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