Back and Better Than Ever!

2016 has been quite a year! With all the excitement going on in the world we have been glad to be a part of it! With Home Depot being our exclusive seller this year, our projectors were a bigger hit than Frankenstein! We almost completely sold out in Canada and the United States in only a few months! People were going “Batty” over our newest projector line, and for the affordable price who wouldn’t want to sink your teeth into this hot Halloween buy? But Halloween is over, and that means the Holidays are truly upon us!

Thanksgiving is coming, leaves are falling and snow, at least for some of us up north, is just a distance away. That means ice, ladders, colorful lights and bright trees and wreaths. But that also means slips, falls, and hours of decorating in below freezing temps, BRRRRR!!!!

But wait! It gets easier!

Our WindowFX projector is the perfect solution! And with additional videos you can decorate for any winter occasion. Want a bright Wintery message to cheer all who come near? Just put up our screen and project beautiful and calming Christmas effects from our library available for purchase, like our Christmas Classics bundle!

Want a fun interactive effect for the kids? Just put on some Dancing Elves or have Santa show off his moves with our Christmas Time bundle! And what about those of us down south where the snow is a little less common? Well with our projector, there’s SNOW worries about that! Project a beautiful snowfall in your window and create a magical experience, or show off Santa sneaking into your home to leave presents for your little ones Christmas Eve.

And when the holidays are done, there’s still more to come! New Years, Celebrations, and more! And create your own for an even more personal experience all year round! With WindowFX, you can always WIN at the holidays!


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