One Cool Gift Guaranteed To Avoid White Elephant Status

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Are you curious about the hottest Christmas decoration trends that are presented for this year? Do you want to get a tech tool that ensures your home will offer year-round entertainment on many holidays – including Christmas? Find out more about the hottest Christmas decoration this year!

Embrace The Cheer!

There are countless trending Christmas decorations and ideas that are presented every year. People are always looking for a hot new gift to give to friends and family.

Total HomeFX’s team speaks with customers all year. In particular, starting in November, the team has its ear to the ground and has a clear idea of great gifts that people love – and it’s not socks or a striped tie!

The company is seeing an increase in interest in giving projectors not only for themselves but also for friends and family. Why?

  • Size – Projectors come in a range of sizes, but in many cases, smaller is better especially when it needs to fit under a Christmas tree. For example, the Total HomeFX mini projector includes a 4ft x 3ft screen. Even though it’s compact, it doesn’t lack power. The projector comes with a mini tripod and 6 pre-loaded videos ensuring fun for many holidays and celebrations. Check out more details here.
  • Exclusivity – Rare and exclusive gifts are typically pricey and difficult to find. That doesn’t have to be the case when choosing videos for either your own projector or can be included when choosing a gift. For example, Total HomeFX was inspired by an internationally licensed artist and recognized fine art portrait photographer, Larry Hersberger. His passion and imagination are evident with the launch of his Christmas videos this year. According to Larry, he hopes to touch a core spot in the hearts of people and feel the Christmas magic.
  • Flexibility – It’s a bonus when a gift has the ability to give all year long! How? When choosing a decorative gift, ensuring the decoration can be used for more than one holiday or celebration is easy with animated videos. If picking a projector, make sure to have the flexibility in the variety of videos to download. Christmas, Halloween, and celebrations can all be enjoyed with WindowFX videos. Fun, sweet and creative, there is an opportunity to share the fun year-round. Find over 40 entertaining videos to review here.

Enjoy decorating for the holidays!


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