Peanuts®+ Total HomeFX™ Video Décor = The Best Halloween Ever!  

We have less than three months until Halloween; how frightfully exciting! After extensive polling, the Total HomeFX™ team found that the standout for childhood memories around Halloween fun is none other than Charles Schulz’s Peanuts® TV movie “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown™”. The memorable movie shows off the gang’s ability to celebrate Halloween no matter what! With Halloween coming this way (hurray) who better to show off and decorate with video décor than Charlie Brown™, Snoopy™ and the gang!? Look no further than the Total HomeFX™ website because an exclusive series of Peanuts® Halloween video décor will be available late August/early September.  

Peanuts® Great Pumpkin Video Décor Series  

These videos are unique to the Total HomeFX™ brand and will only be available on Each video contains clips from fan-favorite Peanuts® holiday specials and can be shown on Total HomeFX™ projectors. Expect to wow and entertain your neighbors with the Great Pumpkin series, a collection of six videos from the “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown™” including: 







Peanuts Halloween video decor

Top 5 Favorite Moments with Peanuts® Halloween Video Décor

  1. Halloween party crasher AKA Snoopy™  makes a splash  
  2. Snoopy™ and Charlie Brown™ clean up and make a giant pile of leaves
  3. Trick-or-treating for rocks vs. candy  
  4. Runaway pumpkins in a cloud of dust  
  5. Mesmerize children in costumes as they watch the videos of the gang as they trick-or-treat in front of your home! Project these favorite moments onto the window using your Total HomeFX™ projector kit! 

You won’t be saying ‘good grief’ after sharing these childhood favorite pop-culture videos as part of your overall decorating plans for Halloween this season. Check them out here.  



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