Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for the Money!

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for the Money!

What’s the best deal online for a powerful, pairable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker you ask?

The Total HomeFX AMAZING new 24 Watt portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, of course!

For incredible fidelity at an amazing price, you simply cannot find better! This 24 watt portable Bluetooth speaker THUMPS! Bass-boosted bottom end meets crystal clear treble in a speaker so light and lovable, you’ll want to take it everywhere.

Bluetooth Speakers that are Weatherproof & Wireless?

Check and check! These waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be immersed up to 1 meter for 30 minutes underwater! We have the top waterproof rating available (IPX 7).

Utilizing the very latest Bluetooth version, Total HomeFX’s waterproof speakers offer an audio streaming range of up to 33 feet!

And what about playback?

These Bluetooth speakers feature super-powerful, built-in lithium ion batteries that deliver up to an astounding 30 hours of playback time!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Fans Rejoice!

Our waterproof Bluetooth speaker proudly delivers music to your ears – you will fall in love! No other speaker available delivers such amazing sound in such a durable and sporty package.

Compare with JBL, Ultimate Ears, UE and Denon – this waterproof Bluetooth speaker delivers the best of all worlds. Incredible sound, incredible simplicity – in a super cool and easy to transport mini boom-box style. FOR AN AMAZING LOW PRICE!

This promises to be the speaker you won’t want to leave behind!

The Perfect Add-On to Family Theater Kits!

Looking to do a family movie night outside under the stars? How about watching your favorite baseball team out by the pool? Did you know fire pits and Netflix go great together?

Two 24 Watt speakers can be paired together for a full theater sound!

Best bluetooth speaker - waterproof

Turn your back yard into the epicenter of fun this year! Total HomeFX’s amazing Family Theater Kit is the perfect way to keep the crowds entertained. Our HD projector, premiere 120” outdoor screen and 24 Watt speakers are perfect partners!

And be sure to stay tuned for lots more exciting products from Total Home Decor!