Christmas Decorations

It is never too early to begin planning your Christmas decorations.  Now is a great time to review previous years’ displays and brainstorm new features for 2020 and beyond.   Plan different pieces and new uses for existing  ideas to wow your neighbors and family.

Christmas Video Decor

Decorating with Christmas videos can enhance anybody’s decor.  By projecting videos, such as  Peanuts® Decorating the Charlie Brown™ Tree or Santa and elves into your windows you can add animation magic to your display.  Decorating with video offers big savings as well.  Simply use the same projector year after year and vary your videos different holidays. 

Project your favorite scenes from It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown™ in your windows with a Total HomeFX Projector for trick-or-treaters to enjoy!

Perhaps whimsical leprechauns and shamrocks can fill a St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Officially licensed Peanuts® 3D yard art will turn your yard into a festive wonderland of beloved characters.  All of your favorites, in different poses, are available from the Peanuts® 1964 animated Christmas special.  Combine with traditional  snowmen, trains, and presents yard art to create a Christmas wonderland in your own yard!  Save by insisting on quality products that last for years.  Adding a few pieces each year will enhance your overall display and keep it fresh.

Daylight Beauty & Nighttime Pre-Lit Decorations

Decorating with Total Home Décor products provides the benefit of beauty 24-hours a day.  Pre-lit pieces offer beauty during the day and night.  Brightly colored Christmas characters and elegant topiaries  are attractive with daylight, dusk and in dark nights. 

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