Christmas Lights

Christmas lights make any home or office festive.  Whether you decorate just your porch with Christmas lights or your entire yard including bushes and trees, decorating provides a great boost to the spirit.  You can make your yard and house look even more festive by incorporating classic Christmas characters into your display. 

Pre-Lit Yard Art Decorations

Add yard art decorations to your traditional Christmas light decorations and your display will take on an entirely new look.  By adding a touch of Christmas scenes such as Santa and Snowmen, your yard will look more three-dimensional and festive.  Yard art takes just seconds to install on your lawn or to hang in your windows, but makes an enormous impression.

Make it “A Charlie Brown Christmas™”

Add a touch of PEANUTS® magic with classic characters such as Charlie Brown™, Snoopy™, and Woodstock™.  Imagine a yard featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy ice skating or playing hockey!  Snoopy’s well-lit doghouse featuring everyone’s favorite dog and his friend Woodstock can make a great centerpiece in any open area.    

Classic Christmas Scenes

Recreate a Nutcracker display with toy soldiers and larger-than-life toy nutcrackers.  Surround them with pre-lit snowmen and animated trains!  You’ll be the envy of neighbors and visitors with your old fashioned interpretation of classic Christmas lights.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Relive childhood fun by incorporating Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and his friends into your Christmas light displays.  Rudolph, Clarissa, and the entire bunch of Misfit Toys will turn your house into a Christmas light wonderland!  Don’t forget to have Bumble the Abominable Snowman nearby.  He’ll provide the friendly smile to complete the scene.


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