Outdoor Christmas Lighted Decorations

Nothing makes as much of a statement in your yard as large outdoor lighted Christmas decorations. By simply decorating with characters and elements in a similar theme or story, you can make your display come alive and be a holiday wonderland for visitors and neighbors alike! Total Home Décor’s outdoor Christmas lighted decorations can be combined into several themes, or mixed and matched to create your own creative scenes.

Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Utilize large toy soldiers, nutcrackers, snowmen or Santa pre-lit statues to create the main focus of your display. These large outdoor Christmas decorations will be the stars of the show, so make sure to display them in prominent locations throughout your yard. These pieces can be surrounded with additional classic Christmas lights and simple light-based décor in order to draw attention to them, but not to overshadow or diminish their importance.

Consider Daylight and Dark Environments

Add greenery accent pieces such as pre-lit faux boxwood topiary figures to enhance your display during daylight hours. Daylight hours diminish many displays, but by adding some natural color such as robust winter green, your display will look great 24 hours a day! These topiary pieces are strung with bright holiday lights so they also enhance the display during the night.

Bright Colors to Enhance Daylight Displays

Bright colored statues with Christmas messages and instantly recognizable licensed characters are another popular way to make your outdoor Christmas decorations look great both day and night.  Creativity rules here by making a daylight display appear different once darkness approaches.  String classic lights into runways and other shapes which enhance your display at night, while disappearing into daylight and leaving the focus on the colorful statues.


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