Outdoor Decorations for Christmas

Outdoor decorations for Christmas are some of the most exciting home décor items available. Everybody smiles when they drive by a well decorated house in December. Hundreds of lights shimmering from illuminated characters and statues of beloved Christmas favorites make the beginning of winter seem magical. Catching a glimpse of a Christmas tree through a window is nice, but a yard display of outdoor decorations speaks volumes about Christmas spirit and the magic of Christmas that brings us all back to childhood. When planning your displays consider adding outdoor decorations that look great in daylight as well as when lit at night.

Outdoor Snowmen Decorations for Christmas

Total Home Décor’s unique 24″ Pre-Lit 3D Snowman is dressed with camouflage accessories. The decoration makes its presence stand out with 50 lights illuminating from inside. During the daytime the camo hat and scarf motif turn a classic snowman figure into a fun outdoor decoration. Show off your Christmas spirit with this fun camo snowman – great for day and night display!

Outdoor Santa Decorations for Christmas

What outdoor Christmas display is complete without Santa Claus? Perhaps several Santa Claus’ lighted outdoor decorations are in your plans this year? Total Home Décor’s 3D Camo Santa Claus will surely help your display look great and be different than traditional décor. The statue is pre-lit from inside by 50 lights and is perfect to use during the day or night. Santa’s unique camouflage outfit looks great in daylight and truly stands apart from tradition when lit at night.

Outdoor Topiary Decorations for Christmas

Our Pre-lit faux Boxwood Topiary Snowman is a fun way to add more Christmas to your holiday décor. Faux PVC greenery is strung with 40 holiday lights and looks great during the day as well

as at night. Imagine bookend topiaries on a porch or lining a walkway. Beautiful greenery looks great in daylight, especially against contrasting snow. When lit at night the decorations shimmer and remain festive, producing a glow against dreary snow covered yards.


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