Big Screens for Big Games

Playoff Football Looks Best on BIG SCREENS!

A projection screen for indoor or outdoor viewing parties is an essential part to a quality viewing experience. In addition to a quality projector and the snacks, a larger screen maximizes viewing satisfaction. Plan for your best party by using Total Home Décor’s 96” or 120” easy to assemble projection screens.  

Weather won’t cooperate for outdoor viewing parties?  The Total Home Décor screen can be setup in a basement or rec room.  This provides much better viewing than projecting on just a plain wall.  The optimal screen size ratio and perfect color and material make these screens a great addition to your watch party traditions.

Need the Entire Theater Kit?

The Total HomeFX Family Theater Kit comes with everything you need to turn your home into a theater, all at an incredible price direct from the manufacturer!  Total HomeFX Family Theater Kit comes with our BEST HD Pro Projector (HDMI / Bluetooth / 1080p) comes with a HUMONGOUS Outdoor screen with frame (choose 96″ or 120″).  Sound blasts with POWERFUL Waterproof 24 Watt Bluetooth Speaker(s).  The kit even includes a STURDY 50″ Tripod with Non-slip Base.

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