Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights

Hanukkah begins at nightfall on Sunday, November 28th and lasts until nightfall on Monday, December 6th this year 2021. Hanukkah is the eight-day festival that marks the rededication of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple by the Jewish freedom fighters, the Maccabees. Celebrate Hanukkah each night by lighting the menorah and spending time with family and friends. Shop our Hanukkah string lights to decorate your home this holiday season. Decorate for Hanukkah with ProductWorks Ultra LED string light with stars, dreidels, menorahs and the Star of David icons! Our Hanukkah lights are battery operated, equipped with steady on/off operated and includes a twinkle function. These Hanukkah lights will fill your home with warmth and cheer during these eight nights of celebration.

Choose from an assortment of Hanukkah sting light designs we have available now on our website HERE!


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