LED String Lights, 50 Clear Globe Caps with Cool White Lights


Lighted length: 32.6′
Total length: 38′


The Brilliant LED Globe String Lights are the perfect way to light up your covered porch and patio. These cool white globe lights are UL listed. As the outdoors gets warmer decorate your patio with 50 LED lights to make the most of the season. They feature end to end connectors allowing for easy set up outside. Add them along roof lines or eaves, atop pergolas, cabanas or around windows and door frame is a sure way to add ambience to your backyard escape.

Benefits to LED bulbs: long, energy efficient light bulbs. Low radiated heat and reliable lighting. Never worry about a burnt out bulb, our LED lights are durable and long lasting.

Easy installation: installation is a breeze and is done in a matter of minutes. Use cable tie or zip ties with the built-in loops to the lights to hang effortlessly.

UL Listed for indoor or outdoor use


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