Halloween Window Decorations – LED Videos

Ready to dazzle the neighbors this Halloween? Ready for the most amazing and fabulous Halloween window decorations you’ve ever seen? You know who Halloween projectors are for? They are for the practical creative who likes to dazzle the neighbors. Sound like you? Let’s see if any of this ring a bell….

Halloween Window Decorations for Variety

You want variety! You want to switch up your Halloween window decorations from year to year without selling your soul to Walmart. Maybe you have young kids now who want decorations of jack-o-lanterns and cute little black cats, but in a few years they’ll grow up and your family will want to make your house a bit more frightening complete with ghouls, vampires, and zombie hoards.

Total Home FX Halloween Projector combines that kind variety and flexibility with dazzling digital holiday decor that bring the spirit to any occasion!

Halloween projectors have vertical and horizontal settings that you can switch up depending on your window or door size. So if you move, your holiday decorations can come with you and will look great no matter where you set them up.

digital holiday decor – Easy to Set Up and Store!

You want a space-saver! Think about all the Halloween decorations you have boxed up in your attic right now. Think about all the Halloween decorations you can’t have because you don’t have an attic to store them in. Yeah, city-dwellers, we’re talking to you!

Halloween projectors make big-impact decorations without taking up much space. You can keep the projector on a closet shelf and take it out for each holiday easily. And uploading new holiday videos is a breeze. Simply download holiday videos from Total Home FX partners in seconds!

Halloween Projectors are a Great Value!

You want a cost-saver! You could spend hundreds of dollars a year on Halloween decorations, or you could spend $129.99 for our fabulous LED Halloween projector with videos already installed. Bright, efficient LED light projectors last for years… and all types of Halloween window decorations video files can be downloaded from our site for as little $10 per series – and you can keep them forever and use them as you please.

There’s also time-cost to think about. A Halloween projector doesn’t require the same kind of set-up time that lawn ornaments do. You also won’t need to fret about trudging through the rain or climbing a tall ladder with staple gun in hand just to have a dazzling Halloween!

Halloween Window Videos Look Amazing!

You want to be a show-off! And it’s okay to be a show-off! You want something that really stands apart from the standard cardboard cut-outs, lights and plastic skeletons? You want your house to be the talk of the town? You want people to purposely take the long way home after they pick their children up from school just to drive by your house and show the kids your digital decorations? Your fabulous new Halloween video decorations are just a click away!

The Latest Halloween Decorating Trend!

Halloween projectors create unique, moving images that you won’t see anywhere else. Whether you use the window projections as your main decoration for the holiday or as a creative way to spruce up your other holiday décor, you’re sure to dazzle family and friends alike!

Check out our Halloween projector kit and window decoration videos now – we know you’ll find something to suit your style!


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