Our Top 3 Halloween Projections for All Age Groups

To some, Halloween is about candy. To others, it’s about scaring the darn kids who ride through the azaleas with their bikes every day. And to that special-kind-of-crazy Halloween connoisseur, it’s about one-upping the neighbors. You know who you are!

We carry Halloween projector videos for all types of people, but here are three of our favorites.

Halloween Projector Video for the Candy Lovers

(a.k.a. young children who still believe in magic)https://totalhomedecor.com/product/john-hyers-visual-effects-1-magic-wizard-2/

halloween window decorations

This Halloween video projection by Jon Hyers shows a stairwell with wizard and witch children flying on broomsticks up a stairwell and into the night sky. A hauntingly beautiful nod to Harry Potter, this projection will delight children’s imaginations on such a magical night.

All the kids in the neighborhood will want to visit you’re house even if you’re one of those lame adults who passes out toothbrushes instead of candy! Note: Please, don’t be lame and pass out toothbrushes instead of candy.

Halloween Projector Video for the Fear-Mongerers

(a.k.a. kids who watched The Exorcist way too early in life)https://totalhomedecor.com/product/beyond-the-grave/

halloween projector videos

Beyond the Grave by AtmosFX features several images of zombie hoards swarming towards the window, devouring chunks of brains and rubbery intestines with their rotten teeth, and clawing at the window with bloodied hands.

This set also comes with projections of the grim reaper ready to collect the dead with his scythe and a skeleton with thin strips of decaying skin clinging to its ribcage. But perhaps the most terrifying projection in this collection is a single ghostly girl that vengefully stares out with her black, eyeless sockets. Gives us the shivers just thinking about it.

Halloween Projector Video for the Neighbor-Pleasers

(a.k.a people who model their lives after Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation)https://totalhomedecor.com/product/spooky-shadows/

halloween digital holiday decor

Do you remember that scene in Home Alone when Kevin uses mannequins and a cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan to trick the Wet Bandits into thinking his family was having a lively party in his house? Think that, but with musical skeletons dancing and playing instruments. That’s Spooky Shadows.

Another AtmosFX creation, the Spooky Shadows projection is just the sort of haunted whimsy you’d want to impress your friends with at your next Halloween party. It’s not the scariest, it’s just plain fun!

Decorate for Halloween with the WindowFX Projector

Home holiday projectors offer a totally new Halloween experience no one has ever seen before. The Total Home FX holiday projector is easy to update with new videos and super easy to store. You’ll want to use it for all occasions and for many years to come.

No matter what your Halloween decorating style is, a holiday projector is a simple, creative way to decorate your home for all seasons that appeal to a wide range of audiences. Sure, we all love classic Halloween decorations like Jack-o-lanterns, fake spider webs, and the witch that looks like she’s smashed into the side of your house.

Do you agree with our top 3 list? What other sort of projections would you like to see up here?



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