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Halloween with the Total Home FX all-new Window FX Projector is pure magic! But did you know that Total Home FX carries a whopping 31 Halloween video projections? You can download them right now from our website!

We carry AtmosFX, HalloWindow and Jon Hyers video creations to bring your Halloween to life! You can switch out your videos based on the crowd you’re entertaining, the age of the kids trick-or-treating, or the theme of your latest costume party. Here are just a few ideas of ways to use the Total Home FX projector to give your home a complete sensory makeover, just in time for the holiday.

HalloWindow Videos

Give your audience a true thrill this year with Hallowindow’s Ghosts video. This projection actually requires little additional décor, making it an ideal video for those on a time crunch or who want to decorate without all the traditional toys and mess. Shine “Ghosts” in your window as guests arrive, and control the frequency of their appearance with a click of your remote control. For a more “Amityville” feel, try Jon Hyers’ “Bugs” visual effects, which recall the classic and terrifying omen of a swarm of bees or roaches in the window.

Jon Hyers Videos

When you want to entertain your kids…

Jon Hyers projections bring endless fun in an exciting new medium for your kids – and you – to enjoy. Hyers’ evokes some favorite childhood obsessions in his videos, and has something for everyone. For those Harry Potter fans, try Hyers’ Magic Wizard videos, which turn your window or wall into the inside of a wizard’s chamber, with creepy hanging drapes or a bubbling cauldron. Hyers’ experience creating special effects for haunted houses ensures that your children will want to show off your Halloween projections all season.

For a less grisly setting, turn to Jon Hyers’ Frank or Drac, videos in which our favorite Halloween characters come alive in your window.

AtmosFX Videos

AtmosFX Videos - Halloween ZombiesWhen you want to go old-school…

Total Home FX carries a handful of video projections from AtmosFX that bring back the good old days of Halloween – back when Dracula ruled, Frankenstein terrorized the town and children awoke in fear from magical nightmares. With Total Home FX, you can bring back the true protagonists of Halloween! Try AtmosFX’s Night Terrors, which truly captures the horror of our darkest nightmares with silhouettes of the Axe Man, a gruesome lynching, a zombie attack, or walls drenched with oozing blood.

Whatever your venue or audience, choose Total Home FX WindowFX Projector and let these Halloween classics come alive with the touch of a button.


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