Halloween Decorating Ideas Using WindowFX


With Total Home FX video projections, you can make your Halloween decorating experience a complete sensory immersion. Here are a few ideas to help you blend your newest digital holiday decor with the stuff you’ve kept in your basement from past holidays.

The [Insert your town’s name]-ville Horror

For anyone who has seen the original Amityville Horror, the words “For God’s Sake, Get Out!” will forever be encrypted in the memory of Halloweens passed. Now you can bring to life some truly scary Halloween decorating ideas, that evoke the more subtle horrors of this classic with Total Home FX’s holiday projector videos. Set your collection of bugs in the window — the trademark of the Devil. Hang some cobwebs around a sliding window and recreate the terrifying scene where the Priest confesses to the family that their house is haunted by evil. Lay a cardboard axe near the projected image, and watch your guests squirm….

But when you’re ready to add something new and different that your neighbors have NEVER seen before – add a WindowFX video to a window to bring your entire home to life! May we suggest Halloween’s scariest clown in “Clawing Around” to scare the daylights out of your trick or treaters?

Witches and Wizard and Magic, Oh My!

For those with less gruesome Halloween decorating ideas in mind, turn to Total Home FX’s more magical holiday video projections, which feature witches brewing in their cauldrons or wizard’s halls filled with flying broomsticks. To really set the stage, light candles around the scene, lay a witch’s hat on a nearby chair, and serve punch in a giant cauldron. Toy wands for kids are easy to find or create yourself with household resources; watch your children interact with the video’s wizards, who swoop in and out of the window on broomsticks. Serve candies brewed by one of Jon Hyers’ witches: candy eyeballs, gummy worm brains, and other sugary body parts are sure to creep out the younger guests.

All Hallow’s Arghhhh

If your kid isn’t pirate-obsessed, then you know someone who is. Pirates have quickly become an integral part of Halloween, and Total Home FX carries a spooky Halloween holiday projector video featuring the animated skeleton pirate that will outshine all the rest. To make the Curse of the Black Pearl come alive, use your holiday projector to display the Pirate into a window and place bowls full of chocolate gold pieces in the surrounding room. But beware: those who taste of the Pirate’s chocolate will be cursed forever! Incorporating other Pirate themed Halloween decorating ideas will only make it better.. like decking out the rest of the room with “X marks the spot” treasure maps, and handing out dollar store eye-patches. For an adult party, just be sure that none of your guests asks, “Why is the rum always gone?”


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