Halloween Projections for Kids

You don’t always want to be the most haunted house on the block. Sometimes you need a fun, child-friendly Halloween projection videos for kids. Something that ignites the spooky Halloween spirit in those little imaginations but doesn’t scar them for life!

Here are three perfect Halloween projections for kids!

The Invisible Man

halloween projector videosThis projection shows an invisible man, with a hat and shirt but no face, while a ghostly cat walks across the screen. While still in the realm of Halloween, it’s not as frightening of some of the bloody zombie projections out there.

Young kids will love this projection because the concept of an invisible man is a curious idea and will make them feel that spooky Halloween spirit without running away in terror. Also the ghostly cat is fun! Who doesn’t love a ghostly cat?

The Eye and Jack-o-lantern

halloween projection videos“The Eye” projection is a great option for kids because it shows a large cartoon eye darting around the yard through your window. The fact that the image is a bit cartoonish and fun rather than terrifying makes it a perfect kid-friendly Halloween projection.

The best part is that “The Eye” is not a single projection, it comes in a set of several Hallowindow creations including “Ghosts”, “Spiders”, and “Jack-o-lantern”. Most of which are also good Halloween projections for children! Get more scream for your green!

halloween window decorationsThe “Jack-o-lantern” is part of the same projection series and could also be a great choice for
young children. It shows a smiling, but still spooky, jack-o-lantern with flames. It’s a bit cartoonish, so it keeps the scary Halloween spirit without making little ones wet themselves with fright!

Musical Skeletons

halloween projectionsThis projection is part of “Spooky Shadows”, a set from AtmosFX that features several frightening projections, but also some whimsical skeleton ones. The skeleton projections are both beautiful and fun. Kids will love seeing happy skeletons dancing and playing instruments through your window!

Just make sure not to play the zombie or vampire bat projections around the young ones! Might want to save those screams for when they’re older!

What do you think of our video choices for your holiday projector? Do you want to add to our list? Let us know!


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