Christmas Window Decorations

As a mid-20-something, I thought it would be another few decades before I started saying, “back in my day…” but here I am. Back in my day, kids still believed in Santa Claus! The leap into the 21st Century brought about a new generation of elementary age kids still learning to read who will be the first to tell you that Santa is just a myth. They’ve got us figured out.

christmas window decorationsDon’t let the Christmas magic fade for your young children who are too smart for Santa. This year, invest in a Christmas tradition that will leave them with visions of sugarplums: Total Home FX’s Christmas Video Projections. Jon Hyers has launched a whopping four Santa-themed video projections that are sure to make even the most insistent realist believe.

With these digital window decorations, you don’t need to put away your WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit once Halloween ends. The fun can continue all the way to Christmas.

 Christmas Projection Videos

With the Christmas Video Projector, shine a live action projection of Santa in your window; watching him wave hello, read christmas projectorthrough his list of Naughty and Nice, or chow down on Christmas cookies. The quality of the video and the realness of this Santa ensure that your youngest kids will have no doubts about Santa’s true existence.

Give your kids a thrill with a visit from Santa this year, or surprise them with an appearance from Mrs. Claus! Hyers’ “Mrs. Santa” waves hello and is the perfect companion to “Santa 2”, who also says a friendly hello-ho-ho. Try out Jon Hyers’ Christmas visual effects, and get ready to believe in Santa again.


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