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For a young city dweller, decorating for the holidays can be more grueling than rewarding; last year, I all but gave up on Christmas decorations because it was impossible to properly hang lights without annoying the neighbors and burning my electric bill from both ends. This year, I have a different strategy. With the WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit, I can save myself the cost, time, and effort it usually takes to show my holiday spirit.

Last year, I called on several of my tallest friends to help set up tiny, fragile string lights that shattered easily, got blown around in the wind or buried in snow, and flickered a desperate Morse code to my neighbors. With the new holiday projections from Total Home FX, I can easily eliminate almost every décor nightmare from last Christmas.

Christmas Projector VideosELF-TOYS2

Instead of a chilly outdoor setup, try the new trend that doesn’t involve any labor – in fact, you won’t even need to leave the house. Don’t brave the inclement weather; cuddle up in front of the fire and switch on your video projector. And instead of disposable, unreliable lights, fill your windows with crystal-clear moving images of falling snow, elves in a workshop, or Santa reading his Christmas list.

Whether you display your holiday cheer from a high-rise studio apartment or in your cabin in the woods, Total Home FX can meet your decorating needs. No balcony for hanging lights or ornaments? Display your holiday video in your window and dazzle your family and friends. This year, choose the hottest trend that will last for years and save your back for holidays to come.


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