Feel Tech-Savvy this Christmas

With the newest electronic gadgets and upgrades appearing monthly or even daily, it’s hard for even the most knowledgeable geek to stay updated on the latest and greatest in technology. The kids want to be the first to test out the new Smartphones, your boss needs that report transferable to every brand of iPad, and somehow your music library is now filled with Disney favorites from your neighbor’s Cloud.

Christmas-Window-Displays-Projector-VideosIt’s hard to feel in control, and even harder in conversation to make it sound like you know exactly what you’re talking about. This year, the Total Home FX digital package will provide a simple solution to the demand for everything in your home to be high-tech, without all the fuss of learning how to use a touch screen for the first time.

Our Window Projector is Easy

The WindowFX projector is the easiest, most efficient way to create spectacular holiday spirit while feeling extremely windowfx digital decorating kittech-savvy. The ingredients are simple: when you purchase the WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit, you receive a compact projector, a tripod, remote, and projection screen. The projector comes pre-loaded with holiday videos that will leave your family and neighbors speechless. For those who desire a wider array of videos, more projections are available to download via the Total Home FX website and can be saved on USB.

There’s no need to learn binary code, and you’ll feel a step ahead of the folks still using fragile string lights and messing with complicated wires. Thrill your kids with amazing video projections that go above and beyond the call of Christmas, and feel proud that you’re using the latest available technology for holiday décor.


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