Christmas is for Kids

Anyone who has youngsters in their life knows that Christmas is all about the kids. We hear it in Christmas songs and stories; the holiday spirit brings visions of sugarplums and laughter to all Christmas-loving children. For parents especially, this time of year is about keeping the magic alive for the next generation, be it with seasonal baked goods, a freshly lit tree in the family room, or – our personal favorite – the latest and most festive holiday décor!

Christmas Projection Videos

christmas window decorations
Mrs. Santa

If your kids crave the most beautiful, exciting Christmas decorations, look no further than the WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit this season. Remind your kiddos that presents are on the way with Jon Hyers’ “Elf and Toys” videos, in which Santa’s dedicated workers cheerfully prepare gifts for Christmas Eve. Thrill your little ones with a waving Santa or Mrs. Claus in the window, or even compel their good behavior by displaying “Santa 1”, in which Santa checks his Naughty List.

Holiday Projector

christmas projector videos
Santa checking his list

For the kids of the 21st Century, every year must be bigger, better, and more exciting; Christmas is no longer satisfied with a red poinsettia on the table or a simple wreath on the door (although these decorations are perfect complements to our array of holiday projection videos!). To show off your holiday cheer and ensure that your kids get the most joy out of their holiday, turn to Total Home FX for breathtaking video displays that will entice and excite your family for Christmases to come.


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