“Win” Christmas with the WindowFX Projector

Let’s be honest: Christmas isn’t just about one thing anymore. It’s about family, it’s about food, it’s about presents, and it’s especially about one-upping your neighbor’s decorations. This year, leave your neighbors in the powder with Total Home FX’s Digital Decorating Kit, which displays astounding visual images with sound effects in your window or on your wall.

We all remember scenes from our favorite holiday movies: Dad hangs Christmas lights from a ladder on the roof, and famously loses stability and tumbles to the ground. On your Christmas List of the easiest and most luxurious décor this year is the holiday projector, which requires minimal setup.

WindowFX Projector Make Decorating Easy

Christamas-GlobesInstead of risking your neck lugging heavy garden figurines or balancing on your windowsill, take the high road and simply switch on your video projector, creating scenes of softly falling snow, Santa and Mrs. Claus, or elves in their workshop.

Try not to brag too much to your neighbor down the block that you’ll never again get frostbite while hanging your garlands. The Total Home FX projector can light up the whole street, using high-resolution videos that shine just as brightly as those old hardware store string lights. The neighborhood kids will all point and stare in wonder, and the judges of your “informal” holiday block contest will be sure to pin first prize on your house.


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