Get Back to a Simpler Holiday Season

Some of my favorite memories from holidays passed have included cozying up with hot cocoa and a blanket, watching the snow fall outside, and sharing warmth with family and friends. But sometimes, the stars just don’t line up; friends go out of town for the weekend, it rains instead of snow, or you don’t have the leisure time to relax in front of a crackling fireplace.

Sometimes, the quiet reflection of the holidays is lost in the hustle and bustle of Cyber Week, and we forget the humble quaintness we used to love about December. This year, indulge in the simplicity and tenderness of the holidays with wintery videos for your Window FX Projector, which can be displayed in any window or on any wall.

Holiday Projector Videos

holiday projectorAtmosFX brings you “Winter Wonderland,” featuring some of our favorite archetypal scenes that include a quiet village lit up for Christmas, a calming backdrop of gently falling snowflakes, or a northern mountainside filled with snow-covered trees. Each video can be played with over 40 minutes of soundtracked music or sound effects, from “Let it Snow” to calming acoustic guitar.

Capture the essence of the holidays, even if you’re not expecting snow. Simply display video projections from “Winter Wonderland” in your window, curl up in your coziest chair, and indulge in the comfort and joy of winter.


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