2017 WindowFX Preview!

TotalHomeFX is stepping up its game this year – so all you holiday decorating fans, get ready for some truly special and amazing new products from your favorite digital décor brand!

Window FX 2017 Preview Images

We’re smack dab in the middle of preparing our new lines to launch on our website in the coming weeks. We can’t say exactly what’s in store just yet, but we can tell you that you’re going to have a remarkable new range of products to choose from that are simply going to dazzle your friends and neighbors for the holidays in 2017!

WindowFX Updates for All Seasons!

TotalHomeFX has partnered with some remarkable animators to bring even more of our exclusive line of Halloween and Christmas window decoration videos… and we’ll be ready to roll them out in the coming weeks.

We know our fans love the scary holiday window videos just as much as they love the charming and whimsical ones – so we’re rolling out something for everyone! We’ll be introducing a whole new line of characters that will bring take your window decorating to new heights for the holidays.

More than Just Holiday Window Decorations

And you’re also going to love what we have in store for your ears too! TotalHomeFX has really stepped up our game with booming and exciting sound design, music and effects on our all-new holiday video window decorations! We’re simply gonna rock your block with the fabulous new content we’re rolling out in 2017!

What else is new? You’ll see TotalHomeFX WindowFX projector kit at ALL major retailers for the holidays. That’s right, all you holiday digital décor fans! We’re the #1 digital holiday projector of choice of just about every major store in the country!

And we’re gonna let you in on one last little hint at what’s to come in 2017… Get ready for some SERIOUS upgrades!

Check back soon! Roll on holidays – we’re gonna be ready for you this year!

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