Get Ready for WindowFX 2017!

If you are a fan of the WindowFX projector, you better get ready for an even more spectacular holiday season! We are delighted to announce an entirely new range of videos featuring spookier spooks, gobbier goblins and more enchanted witches than ever before. Plus, you are going to love what Santa has up his sleeve for Christmas. Just to whet you appetite here are 2 previews of new videos that are sure to delight your family, friends and neighbors.

OH! By the way, did we mention we will soon be launching new WindowFX projectors in the coming weeks? Stay tuned to our website for more information.

Bedtime Story

Gather around this cackling crypt keeper. He has a spooky story for you, best told on a dark and stormy night. Sit down among the cobwebs and enjoy as he regals visitors to his lair with a tale sure to make you keep all the lights on tonight.

Witch’s Brew

WIndowFX Projector Videos - Witch Video 2017What’s in this creepy witch’s cauldron? Listen as she recites a poem describing the recipe for the horrible potion she is concocting. But don’t get too close – or you may end up in ghastly brew! Amazing animation and stunning sound design combine to bring thrills and chills! This is sure to be one of your favorite digital window displays from WindowFX this year!

WindowFX Videos & Much More!

As we hinted above, WindowFX videos are just the tip of the iceberg! There is a LOT more in store from your holiday window decorating experts in 2017. Stay tuned to our site for updates – and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for news and product updates. You won’t want to miss what we’ve got in store for your holidays this year!


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