New WindowFX Videos Coming Soon!

Yes, it’s true – summer is nearly here, and some of us are already excited for Halloween 2017!

But that’s because we have SO MANY amazing WindowFX innovations launching… and they will all begin to roll out in the coming weeks! We’re not just talking about the new range of videos – which are awesome!

We’ve got some seriously incredible WindowFX hardware news to boot! (Join our mailing list today to keep in touch with the latest updates!)

In the meantime, we know it’s early, but let us get YOU excited for Halloweent too. It’s shaping up to be the most magical, hysterical and downright Halloweeniest Halloween ever!

WindowFX Videos - Dancing Frankenstein chased by Zombies

Funky Frankenstein Dancing in Your Living Room!

Like good zombies, we’re chomping at the bit to release our new line of WindowFX videos! But we’re just putting the finishing touches on one or two more items before we roll it all out – big time!

One of the new and funkiest videos is our amazing, almost photo-realistic CGI dancing Frankenstein, showing a more human side.

Watch as our handsome stitch-headed hero our enters stage-left. No doubt he’s got brains on the brain!

When suddenly he realizes, he’s got a chance to dance for YOUR window watchers!?

That’s when Frankenstein busts out some serious moves! Who new Frankenstein could shimmy so well? Look out Dancing with the Stars – this guy doesn’t pass up a chance to show off his stuff!

Zombie Dance Party Invasion!

Just as Frank finds his groove, we hear a horrid squeaky record scratch. That’s when our soon-to-be famous dancing zombies storm the stage! They don’t want Funky Frank to steal the show… so they chase him out of town – or rather, out of YOUR living room!

But it’s not over yet!

We have one last zombie straggler waiting to steal the limelight. Our mustachioed clownish, and yet somehow very dapper zombie jams out to the silly surf jam that inspired Frankenstein to halt the chase and rock out for your neighbors!

Window Decorating is About to Get Crazy!

Stay tuned, loyal WindowFX fans! We’ve got so much more new and exciting news to share in the coming weeks. You’re gonna love what we have in store for ALL the holidays. Projectors, videos, accessories… it’s going to be crazy!

Serious holiday decor fans, the window decorating revolution is here – and it’s being broadcast from your homes!


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