The Haunting – New WindowFX Videos Coming Soon!

On a dark and stormy night we find ourselves alone in a run-down old mansion. The rain and thunder pound away at what’s left of the decrepit old house. As we stare towards the front door, a creepy glowing form appears from the right, and floats off to the left – but not before her shrieking cackle chills your bones!

Seconds after she vanishes, she appears again! Looks like the haunting is ready to begin!

As she swoops and swirls from the floor above to down below, she suddenly spots us and creeps away. Then things go eerily still…

Carefully masked by a flash of lightning she floats below our view – then suddenly appears right in front of us with a terrifying scream… her face a mysterious and horrid combination of White Walker and somehow a once seemingly elegant matron of the house.

She exits to the right just as our hearts stop pounding, giving us a moment to catch our breath, before she returns again to voice her displeasure at the home invader standing before her!

WindowFX Video - The Haunting - Screen Grab

All-New WindowFX Videos for 2017!

The Haunting is one of our all-new original WindowFX projector videos for Halloween 2017. Featuring lush, gorgeous animation, and incredible sound design, we are beyond thrilled to share this exciting new range of digital decor that promises to enliven your home for the holidays!

Scare those pesky trick or treaters away with WindowFX projector kits and the incredible new line of videos – all of which will be launching soon on our website!

Stay tuned WindowFX projector fans – we’ve got some INCREDIBLE news coming soon. Stay tuned to our blog or stay up to date by signing up to our email newsletter.

2017 is going to be marked as the year WindowFX changed the way we decorate for the holidays! Stay tuned!


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