Introducing the amazing new Family Theater Kit from Total HomeFX!

Introducing the amazing new Family Theater Kit from Total HomeFX!

Family Theater Kit Set Up Video from Total HomeFX on Vimeo.

Bring family and friends together with the all-new, all-in-one indoor/outdoor Family Theater Kit that is as entertaining as it is affordable!

Outdoor Movie Theater: Family Fun on Your Own Big Screen

family outdoor movie theater kit to watch movies outside in your own back yard

Imagine sitting around your fire pit watching your favorite movie with the neighbors. How about floating around the pool as live baseball streams onto your large family theater screen? The possibilities are endless!

Total HomeFX will soon be introducing a fully weather-proof home theater kit. For now, our amazing Family Theater Kit is easily transportable to set up outside. If the evening looks clear, set up our amazing HDMI, 1500 lumen projector to show your backyard campers their favorite kids’ films!

We offer two large screen options for you to choose from:

  • PRO size projector kits feature an insane 120” screen viewing area.
  • The PLUS size features a giant 96” screen viewing area.

Also included are a super-sturdy screen frame and 50” tripod projector stand!

Includes Easy-to-Use Bluetooth Speakers

outdoor movie kit with waterproof speaker
The Total HomeFX indoor/outdoor movie kit has everything you need to watch the stars under the stars!

Of course, where would movie night be without an incredible sound system?

The PLUS Family Projector Kit comes with our amazing 24 watt waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The PRO Family Projector Kit comes with 2 waterproof 24 watt Bluetooth speakers for a great immersive audio experience.

Early Season Limited Time Offer on Family Projector Kits

Don’t miss out on any of the fun – starting at an amazing price of just $399! Order now and get outstanding savings on the all-new Family Projector Kit! It comes with everything you need – except the popcorn – including:

  • The Total HomeFX Pro Projector (HDMI / USB / Bluetooth / 1080p)
  • Outdoor screen with frame (96″ or 120″)
  • 24 Watt Speaker(s)
  • 50″ Tripod + Base

Shop now for our amazing indoor/outdoor Family Theater Kit to watch the stars under the stars!

Watch this space! Our waterproof outdoor home theater kit is coming soon!