Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

It’s almost back to school time for colleges and universities. Dorm room assignments have been issued, roommates have been selected and the time is here for purchasing bedding and other essentials. Take a break from the suggested list and start thinking about dorm decoration ideas! Whether you are planning a simple dorm room door decoration or elaborately themed suite décor, advanced planning and shopping is key. Don’t rely on the local college town superstore with their picked-over selection of merchandise. Buy online and ship directly to your dorm to save on precious cargo space for moving.

College Apartment Decorating

Upperclassmen take note – now you’ve got even more wall and living space in your college apartment than in your old dorm room! Decorate inexpensively with LED string lights in cool themes such as summer, patriotic, or beach and party themes. Pro tip: only use battery operated lights to reduce needs for cords and to save energy.

Peanuts® and Rudolph® Decor

Enhance your decorating this year with officially licensed yard art featuring childhood favorites such as Rudolph™, Charlie Brown™, Snoopy™, Woodstock™, and more. They provide a festive way to decorate indoors spaces such as walls and dorm rooms.

Start your planning now! Before you know it you’ll be enjoying campus and living your best college life.