Day of the Dead vs. Halloween

Day of the Dead vs. Halloween

The Day of the Dead (Spanish translation: Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 2nd each year by many people of Mexican heritage in the United States. Sometimes the holiday is referred to as Days of the Dead when including October 31 and November 1 dates. 

Halloween on October 31st is All Hallows Eve, while November 1st is All Saints Day.  November 2nd honors friends and relatives who have passed away.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is often a festive occasion with parties and decorations in abundance.   Day of the Dead is a joyous time that helps families remember their deceased and celebrate their memories.

Celebrate with Sugar Skull Decorations

Total Home Decor can assist with your celebrations with our Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Inflatable.  Think skulls are scary? Not in Day of the Dead celebrations! Skulls represent life after death, skulls and skeletons are featured wherever the holiday is observed. Our Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Inflatable is perfect for outdoor display.  Add inexpensive projectors such as the Total HomeFX 800 Model Halloween Projector and create Day of the Dead projections on windows and props all over your yard.

Days of the Dead Fun

Extend the fun throughout “Day of the Dead” by filling your yard with fun inflatables and video decorations from Halloween October 31st through Day of the Dead November 2nd.  Giant black cats with jack-o-lanterns and Halloween pumpkins can complete your display. Scarier themes can be created with Spooky Trees, skeletal bones of dogs and dinosaurs and unlimited video decoration creations. Dozens of Halloween video projections are available:  from family-friendly creatures and pumpkins to spooky bugs, eyes, and demons!