2019 Halloween Trends

Halloween 2019 is fast approaching.  Most people traditionally celebrate Halloween
on October 31st but there is a growing population who prefer to use
the Saturday before or after Halloween to celebrate. Whichever date you prefer,
everyone agrees that Halloween decorations are a welcome sight the entire month
of October. 

Giant pre-lit Halloween inflatables will fill your yard with a fun or spooky display that will attract trick-or-treating crowds.  Air blown inflatables from Total Home Décor inflate and light up by simply plugging them in, no extra assembly is required.


Celebrate with Black Cats and Jack O’Lanterns

Total Home Decor air blown pre-lit seasonal inflatables make Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations super simple.  Just anchor to your yard and plug in the outlet.  That’s it!  Pre-lit air blown blow ups come with everything you need to decorate an entire yard in just minutes. Take your 2019 display to the next level by creating a fun house yard.  Use our inflatable archway as an entrance and guide visitors towards other pre-lit inflatables such as spooky trees and skeleton dinosaur bones.

Huge, Fun, and Simple

Giant inflatables, also referred to as blow ups, come in sizes such as 4 feet, 6 feet, and even 8 feet in height.  These huge props can be scary like a spooky tree or cute like a cat sitting on a jack o’lantern.  Total Home Décor shopping site contains many of 2019’s trendiest Halloween characters to help make your holiday display the best on the block!



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