Modern and Retro Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving decorating season has arrived.  This is the year to move beyond traditional harvest props such as pumpkins, dried corn, and bales of hay.  Why not try a modern decorating technique with video decorating?

Retro Thanksgiving Video Decorating

Thanksgiving video decorating enhances your fall harvest display with animated and thankful video clips.  Project Peanuts® videos such as Snoopy™ Serves Dinner or an animated collection of grooving pumpkins and pilgrim hats into your windows for unique visual effects.  Decorating with video offers savings because you can utilize your projector each year and vary your videos to decorate for different holidays. 

Display Snoopy™ Serves Dinner in your windows with a Total HomeFX Projector for guests and neighbors to enjoy!

Snoopy™ Serves Dinner

Modern Thanksgiving Video Decorating

Show off your Thankfulness by decorating your windows with the latest in fall scenes such as jumping in leaf piles and a serene family Thanksgiving feast!  Or choose an animated video of autumn leaves falling in all different directions. Harvest is in the air!

Decorating for Darkness

As the season evolves and less daylight hours exist, you can show off your video displays for longer sessions to maximize viewers.  Don’t forget to add some fun with our Thanksgiving Boogie video featuring a fun-loving Turkey strutting his stuff. Entertain family, friends and the whole neighborhood before the big meal with this window projection.

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