New Christmas Videos for 2019

New Christmas Videos have been released for the 2019 season.  Seven new individual videos and a new money-saving bundle are now available on

Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas

New this year are more solemn videos representing the true meaning of Christmas.  Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! video shows beautiful stained glass windows and a heartfelt Christmas message.  Holy Journey video depicts the Three Wise Men Kings traversing the desert enroute to the manger.

Hip Santa

DJ Santa and Break it Down Santa videos offer a fun, modern take on Santa.  Suitable for all ages and all locations!  Try multi-window decorating with different Santa videos playing in each window!  Decorate Like the Pros Tip: Displaying a variety of unique video decorations in your display entices visitors to linger longer and enjoy your hard work and thoughtful display planning.

Decorate for Christmas in a Unique Display

Share peace, love and happiness and all the with the sweet collection of holiday images that celebrate the meaning of Christmas in “This Christmas.”  Set apart your decorations with “Techno Xmas” and “Christmas Is” videos which offer a variety of fun as well as meaningful messages sure to capture the hearts of family and visitors alike.

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