Projection Screen Outdoor Theaters

A projection screen for outdoor theaters is an essential part to a quality viewing experience. In addition to a quality projector and the movie or video game of your choice, the size and quality of your projection screen is the element that maximizes viewing satisfaction. Don’t let a well-planned outdoor movie night be poorly received by using the side of your house or garage door as your screen. Nobody like ridges or lines interfering with their movie! Plan for maximum quality by using an easy to assemble outdoor projection screen.

Easy Assembly Outdoor Projection Screen offers high quality 96” and 120” metal frame outdoor projection screens at discounted prices. Quick to assemble and disassemble, these outdoor projection screens offer a high quality viewing experience without ruining your evening with a complicated assembly process. Imagine viewing your favorite movie, video game or streaming a live sporting event on an 8 or 10 foot screen! The whole neighborhood is sure to enjoy the experience – just be sure to bring the popcorn!

Inflatable Outdoor Projection Screen

The Total HomeFX outdoor 9-foot inflatable outdoor screen will enhance your outdoor (or indoor) movie screening experience. The 9′ Screen will inflate and deflate in a snap and will provide a unique outdoor viewing experience. Watch movies, sports, family videos, you name it, you can watch it on your very own big screen. This outdoor projection screen is easy to set up: just plug in and it self-inflates with a continuous air flow fan! Nothing could be more convenient than to be able to host an impromptu outdoor movie night within minutes.

Video Gaming in Huge Screen Style

These HUGE outdoor projection screens are also wonderful for humongous-sized video gaming. Perfect for birthday parties, block parties and play dates. Looking for the kids to get some fresh air because they won’t get away from the basement television? Setup the outdoor projection screen and stream their favorite video game. Imagine the fun!


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