Tabletop Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be an outdoor project. You don’t have to brave the weather to setup and take down your display. Make indoor tabletop Christmas decorations part of your holiday decorating!

Village and Christmas Scenes with Snowy Beauty

Total Home Décor offers several snow blanket products that serve a dual purpose. Snow blankets are made of fluffy white fabric to give the appearance of fresh, beautiful snow to any tabletop village scene. These products also illuminate, either via battery pack or plug-in, to enhance your decorations into winter wonderland straight from a storybook.

Nostalgic Mantle Christmas Decor

Create a winter scene on your mantle with Total Home Décor’s extra long snow blanket. Five full feet of winter fluff featuring 80 warm white lights will turn any mantle into a nostalgic Christmas town straight out of a Hallmark movie! Blankets can be used to light up train sets under your Christmas tree or to give your presents a beautiful warm glow next to the fireplace. An 8-function controller is also included that can switch the lights between modes with the push of a button.

Freshly Fallen Snow with Glimmering Light

Each snow blanket is equipped with an 8-function controller to provide a variety of light patters. Patterns include Steady On; Combination; Sequence; Slow Glo; Chase; Slow Fade; Twinkle; and In Waves. Enough of a variety to complete any tabletop decoration your imagination can create!


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