Backyard Theater Parties

Summer means outdoor gatherings – parties, parties, parties!  Make your guests want to stay entertained with an outdoor movie or gaming theme for your next party.  Friends and neighbors will surely gather around your giant outdoor theater screen and enjoy warm evenings in style. 

Outdoor Baseball Party

Outdoor entertaining in the summer can involve watching your favorite baseball team in action.  Set up the theater system and stream the ball game!  These outdoor theater system screens are large enough to view from across the yard so nobody will miss that exciting home run while playing bags or refilling their drinks.

Summer Parties with Style at Home

Celebrate summer with an outdoor video gaming party.  Setup your Xbox or Play Station gaming system to broadcast on your theater system.  Now you’re gaming in XXL size!  Make it an event with a tournament:  create a bracket, draw for opponents and enjoy! These HUGE projection screens are perfect for larger than life gaming.  And with a screen large enough to view from afar nobody will miss your great shots, moves or scores.

Give Family Movies a New Life

Nobody wants to watch old home movies?  Make it an outdoor event and watch them flock to the screen reliving the good old days.  Just stream via an HDMI cord from a DVD player or laptop to your outdoor theater system.  Don’t forget the popcorn – and Kleenex for the criers out there!


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